C3 Powersports USA Info and FAQs

Hello! Welcome to c3powersportsUSA.com, the quickest and easiest way to access C3 Powersports' top snowbike upgrades and accessories in the US of A!

Products shown on this website are IN STOCK in our southern Idaho warehouse. Once we're really up and running, you can expect an unbeatable fulfillment experience - we're striving for quick turnarounds with transit times of 1-2 days within the lower 48 for just a couple bucks, without any concerns of delays or fees at the border.

That said, this is a new venture, so we appreciate your patience if there are any "bugs" in the process at this time. As a reminder to be clear, shipping timelines are not guaranteed.


  • Notice a feature of the website that's misbehaving? Let us know here and help us improve the experience for you and all future customers! https://forms.gle/4CzAFBVZzQydy6HQA

How did we do it? Rather than providing our entire built-to-order catalogue of customizable products, we've preassembled our most important products in select top-selling configurations. You'll notice that colours and some other add-ons are limited, but we're confident that we'll have you covered in 90% of instances!

  • Think there's an important product we're missing that really should be in stock in Idaho? Let us know here and help us improve the experience for you and all future customers! https://forms.gle/yvuQwzMUXt8Yug3u7

If you still prefer to order from Canada in order to get the exact specific options you need, you are still more than welcome to of course! www.c3powersports.com

This webpage is still being developed, check back soon for more.


Can I make an order from the Idaho location, but also include this other product ______?

Sorry, no. The products that are available from the Idaho location are the ones you see on this website c3powersportsUSA.com, with no exceptions. We can't add orange bar lines, we can't add an ECU, we can't add an RP Race exhaust, etc. If you need a product that isn't on c3powersportsUSA.com, you will need to place a separate order from the main site www.c3powersports.com.

Can I make an order from the Idaho location, but make this customization ______?

Sorry, no. The products that are available from the Idaho location are preassembled exactly as displayed on this website c3powersportsUSA.com, with no exceptions. We can't swap a red top clamp into a blue handguards kit, we can't build your thermostat kit with a 140°F thermostat, we can't cancel the strap from your Plan B can kit, etc. If you need a specific configuration that isn't on c3powersportsUSA.com, you will need to place a separate order from the main site www.c3powersports.com.

Can I make an order from the Idaho location, but with these specific custom order instructions ______?

Sorry, no. Orders made on this site c3powersportsUSA.com are shipped out from the Idaho location, as soon as possible, exactly as they were placed, with no exceptions. We can't ship half of it to you and the other half to your buddy's address, we can't pack it now but send it two weeks later when the timing is better for you, we can't hold it for local pickup, etc. Please keep this in mind when placing orders from c3powersportsUSA.com.

Can I order from c3powersportsUSA.com if I am in a country other than the US?

Yes, you could. Please keep in mind if you are in another country (including Canada) that cross-border shipping times cannot be guaranteed, and that you may be subject to import fees and/or taxes, for which you are solely responsible.

Which products exactly are part of the US warehouse "limited catalogue"?

Some people have been asking for a list of products and configurations that are in stock in Idaho, so you can decide which website you want to order from before getting 80% into building your cart and then deciding you really have your heart set on that green thermostat housing. For the most part, unless you have very specific colour preferences or need an ECU or a RP Race exhaust or something like that, you will be happy! We expect 90% of you to be taken care of. Here's some details:

  • Thermostats
    • Black housings only
    • Black hoses only
    • 90°C temp only (70°C also available on select kits that are frequently used on 2-strokes)
    • Unavailable for some uncommon bike models (example 2013 Beta)
  • Heated bars
    • Black bars only
    • No Matechuk Edition
    • Add-ons:
      • No coloured braided tubing bar lines
      • No pink/yellow/white Bar Sleeves
  • Footpegs - all colours and options available, unless temporarily out-of-stock
  • Intakes - unavailable for some uncommon bike models (example 2010 WR)
  • Handguards
    • Kits are pre-built (example Blue top clamp with Blue shields - ie: can't mix and match)
    • Add-ons:
      • Black Bar Pads only
  • Bar Risers - black only
  • LED Lights - 4" 20W lightbar only
  • Engine Skins - unavailable until we're caught up and can comfortably maintain inventory at both locations (estimated late 2023 or early 2024)
  • Fender Bag - black complete kit only
  • ECUs - not stocked in Idaho, sorry
  • Tunnel Coolers - not stocked in Idaho, sorry
  • Distributed:
    • Plan B Cans - Black cans only
    • ODI Grips - Black Rogue and Black Half Waffle only
    • SealSavers - Black Long Zip-on only
    • AirPro - unavailable for some uncommon bike models (example Beta ZF forks)
    • Brands you don't see here - such as RP Race, YETI SnowMX, Seat Concepts, Silky Saws, etc - are not stocked in Idaho (please order those from main site, or from each brand directly)
How do I put my parts together?

Please check c3powersportsusa.com/help 

Some of your questions may also be addressed in the Shipping Policy and/or the general Terms of Service.